Consulting For Individuals

(Company Directors, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals)

Whether it’s increasing your income, getting a promotion, starting a new business or discovering your purpose, George will help you. This Thinking into Results program will give you the tools to make permanent changes in your life at the deepest level. The 24-week coaching program with weekly scheduled webinars with George will close the gap between where you are, and where you want to be. Over this 6-month period, you will be studying and investing in yourself. This program will teach you to increase your awareness allowing you to discover what truly makes you feel complete. You will learn the formula to create the results you want.

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George with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher - August 2017

Consulting For Organizations

(Professional Firms and Mid-Size Corporates)

The most valuable assets in any organization are its employees. All organizations want to grow and in order for them to grow, their employees must also grow. Most of your employees already know what to do; they have the required education and training, but they still don’t do what they know how to do. This can be very frustrating and expensive for employers. It’s not about teaching your employees to know more, it about getting them to do what they already know. Everyone has leadership ability locked up within. The people that develop their leadership ability become the most valuable to an organization, and as a result, they are able to dictate their own income. Bob Proctor’s material has helped many Fortune 500 companies increase their business exponentially by teaching their employees and salespeople how to use the power of their minds to create thinking that delivers results, and turn obstacles into opportunities. As a facilitator, George will help your employees to learn about their deepest desires, to harness them to the team’s goals, and to work as a harmonious team, so as to deliver exponential results for the organization.

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